Leif Allred



August 2018

George Brunner hosted a wonderful Ice Cream Social with help from Todd Brunner, Barbara Baker, Jan Donnell, and others.  There were a lot of homemade cookies that added a nice touch to the very welcoming and amazing museum venue.  Thank you!

Thanks also to those who provided survey input.  Here’s a quick summary of the top reasons that members joined and what we should do more of—or do better.

1) Building friendships with others that share a passion for antique vehicles.  Participation hurdles identified were mainly weeknight meetings, the dependence on meeting attendance for information and sign-up sheets, and having a reliable vehicle.  Also identified is that the participation points system is decoupled from actual participation and should be replaced because the “hangy down things” may be creating more division than inclusion.  The plan is to discontinue that program after this year concludes.

2) Attend local events and mini-tours. A larger online presence should also help increase participation in local events with advanced notification and online sign-up outside of the monthly meeting.  There are also a few more activities inserted into this year’s calendar which include a sidewalk party with car show and the Senior Seminar Series—both of which also contribute back to our local community through education and service.

3) Technical support for vehicle restoration and maintenance.  Yeah, me too.  Joe Peter is the new focal for coordinating tech sessions and is soliciting input for topics, subject matter experts, and projects.   We are also investigating creating a website forum to pose questions and get quicker answers, or post advice on businesses and referrals, and to better communicate in between meetings.

We look forward to reinvigorating tech sesions, increasing participation in local events, and improving the inclusiveness of our club membership.  This is your club and we all benefit from the diversity of vehicles and people—the reasons why we joined. 


Leif Allred