Leif Allred


November 2018

Deepest gratitude and sincere thanks are extended to our members who have stepped up and have accepted nominations to positions within the leadership team of the Road Relics. Our nominations committee exercised a very fair, open, and transparent selection process which allowed everyone to participate and it is refreshing to have so many new energetic members be engaged in how the organization operates.

The club has the opportunity to set for itself a new direction if it so wishes during the upcoming elections for officers and directors. I intend to continually steer the organization in the desired direction that the members have communicated in multiple forums, which include:

  • Coordinate more events across all regions of Central Texas knowing that our club spans a large area
  • Provide activities that give back to the community creating a sustainable civil presence for the club
  • Tie participation awards to inclusive behaviors and create a welcoming and open environment
  • Reinvigorate technical sessions so that we become more adept at managing our antique vehicles

These tenets expand the club beyond merely automobile restoration such that we may treat each other with the same meticulous and caring way that we bring our old cars to pristine condition. Let’s together celebrate both the variety of vehicles this group possesses as well as the diversity of our members who deserve the same level of support and investment.
Good luck to all of our candidates.


Leif Allred