May 2017

Thank you to our members who made Pate Swap Meet a success.  A lot of work and hours went into the preparation and execution of this event.  Being 78% of our annual revenue, this is a very important part of our club’s operation.  Let’s make it count.

Locally, the annual Wiener Dog Races are being put on as part of the Lions Club—the largest service club organization in the world.  Their claim is “we make as much money as we possibly can to give back to the community.”  Austin’s Optimist Club “whose members work each day to make the future brighter by bringing out the best in children, in their communities, and in themselves” seem to compete for the same pool of donations.  There’s even the Rotary club of “problem-solvers who come together to make positive, lasting change in communities at home and abroad.”

Since 1935, AACA has had one goal:  The preservation and enjoyment of automotive history of all types.  From National Meets and Tours to Regional events, AACA is here to bring enthusiasts together through exciting National activities, friendship, and Antique Automobile magazine.  This is from our club’s national website.  The Road Relics is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, restoration and maintenance of automobiles and automotive history.  There are plenty of other places to delve into community philanthropy.  Let’s maintain our focus. 



Leif Allred