Leif Allred


July 2017

Thank you to Greg Herbert and club volunteers who made the Father’s Day Car Show go down without a hitch.  Could have used a hitch on the jumping pavilion.  As usual, there were lots of men there with their families in tow.  Dad finally gets to do what he wants to do and that is to buy the kids snow cones, eat BBQ, and walk around a blistering parking lot covered in a sea of nostalgic antique cars and trucks.  For the occasion, it is evident the kids were cleaned up special and Mom put in a little more effort that morning and is wearing that favorite outfit that Dad appreciates.  Our website has a ton of photos of the event, thanks to Juan. (Click to view photos)

A pessimist says the glass is half empty; the optimist says the glass is half full; the engineer says the glass is twice as big as it needs to be!  It is hard to believe the year is half through.  These are our hottest months.  Take care of your cooling systems and tempers so that neither have a boil over.  We can take the heat if we are prepared and a bowl of ice cream also helps do the trick.  Enjoy Independence Day by entering your car in one of the many parades around town.  See you at the ice cream social.