Leif Allred


November 2017

The club had a good presence at the Taylor Car Show this past weekend and, although having started out cold, was a great day for getting the cars out on the road.  Well, except if they’re not running.  Mine keeps being on display on the side of the road!  Thank goodness for the club—especially Wayne Heikilla and George Brunner for technical training and repairs and Toby for a parts run. 

The Packard was nearly in the show and several youngsters were welcomed inside while we were servicing it.  One of my jobs as a child was to unlock the rest of the doors to let the family in.  Dad would unlock his door and reach in to unlock the rear driver’s side door.  My task was to hop through and unlock the other two doors.  Now, the daughter of the rescue squad had never unlocked a car door using the little stick that pokes up out of the window bezel.  Put a youngster in your antique car and teach them something about it that they probably had no idea about as even the simplest thing such as door locks may be totally foreign. 

Please attend the 11/14 meeting to vote on the executive board and officers.  Then there is a fabulous mini-tour planned for 11/18.  Mark your calendar and RSVP for the Annual Awards and Christmas party on 12/10.  This meeting is an opportunity to celebrate the cars growing another year older and recognize those who contribute to our hobby and club.  I look forward to seeing y’all at these events.