Pate Swap Meet Photos


By DJ Stamp

Pate 45

The 45th edition of the Pate Swap Meet is history and was quite successful.  Even with the threat of bad weather attendance & sales were quite good. Pate President John Anderson says we sold over 9,000 spaces and the new section – Zone 0 was pretty much full. The new space markers made it easier for vendors & volunteers to find spaces. Taking the carts back with our pickups made quick work of that job at the end of the meet.

Although not unscathed we did manage to avoid the death & destruction of Canton which is East of DFW.  The entire weekend was VERY windy with the threat of storms which we could see off to the East & moving around us. Wind gusts nearing 50 mph moved our club sales canopy 4-6 feet prompting several members to take it down Saturday morning. Luckily we avoided the rain.

Early arrivals on Monday included John Anderson, Bob Ross, Ken Rawlings, Robert Norberg & Juan Barraza. John Anderson & Joe Peter did a fine job on the BBQ grill & Sheri Potter & Jan & Vic Donnell kept the hospitality booth humming.

I believe everyone who brought stuff to sell at the club booth went home lighter. We sold all of George’s stop lights & all Lee had left was a pair of sun visors. Pat Stamp did a wonderful job of running our sales booth. We sold car parts, literature, clothing, toys, picnic baskets, snow sled, fishing nets, beer signs, rocking motorcycle, bike trainer, tools, telescope, civil war items. saddle bags, antique furniture & more. We purchase unique eye catching items throughout the year to draw attention to the booth & it works!!  It does not have to be auto related – they are looking for everything. Bring your items next year!!!!

Drivers included: Leif Allred, Gary Baker, Juan Barraza, Rich & Doug Bassemir, Ward Beebe, Dan & Kay Bowen, George Bruner, Lisa Chaffin, Brandon Chaffin, Jan & Vic Donnell, Gary Hale, Vern Hancock, Wayne Heikkila, Greg Herbert, Edwin Justice, Tommy Pearson, Joe Peter, Gary Potter, Duane Pufpaff, Ken Rawlings, Lee Reed, Paul Rivera, Bob Ross, DJ Stamp, Chester Toothman. Robert Norberg & Juan Baraza did a fine job of organizing the drivers & maintaining the carts. Overall I think our drivers had fun time picking up & delivering parts for our customers. It’s a great way to see the swap meet. 

A special shout out to Jan Donnell who did a fine job running herd on the Tex-Ark cowboys although we did have to rein her in a bit when she had her own mount.

We had a good turnout of members for the Friday night “pot luck” dinner. Not so much for the food so this is an area where we can improve. We used to have more folks with RVs which made food prep & storage more convenient. This year we had 4 RVs – all of which have refrigerators & stoves so if you don’t have an RV & want to make something ahead of time that just needs proper storage & heating please consider bringing it. We can handle it. If that’s not an option please consider bringing some prepared food from one of the many local super markets. The Sausage John prepared & the sweet corn from Pat Stamp were both really good but not enough.

Yours Truly, Stinky