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NOTE: Full membership is $20 + $40= $60 + ($2 Credit Card Service Charge)

Family Membership extends same rights and privileges to spouse/partner and dependent children residing with the member for an annual membership. If you have any questions, please call Jan Donnell at (512) 894-4267 or send us an email at or by submitting a query at Contact Us.

* You are purchasing a one year membership with Central Texas Road Relics for $20 & a one year membership with Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) for $40.

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National AACA Membership - $40 / year

Enjoys voting privileges, receives the bi-monthly issues of ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE magazine, is eligible to join an AACA region and/or chapter and is eligible to exhibit cars and compete for national prizes and annual awards. Membership entitles you and your spouse/partner to free admission to the AACA Museum and limited free research in the AACA Library & Research Center. In addition, AACA is the oldest & world’s largest automobile historical society & collector car club.

Family Membership - $20 / year

Membership in our local Region entitles you to participate in all the regional activities and to receive our award winning monthly newsletter, FenderTalk. Membership is open to individuals interested in the restoration or preservation of antique vehicles. Ownership of an antique vehicle is NOT required.

*** If you are already a Road Relics Member & would like to renew, please see Jan Donnell ***