Crawfish Boil Tour

It was a nice and cool Saturday when we gathered at Mr. Brunner’s museum. Both the Road Relics and Model T clubs were invited this year. Can’t believe how many vehicles showed up to this event. Thank you for attending. By the way George, many thanks for the chocolate donuts, they were delicious, I’m sure not one was left behind. Around 10 am we started heading out to eat some Crawfish; at the center, we were giving several spaces to park our sweet rides. If you didn’t attend, you missed a great tour. After everyone was parked, we went to get our meal, some got the Crawfish and some got hot dogs, and some of us got beer, lots of beer. And let’s not forget the birthday cake, there were three of us that had a birthday the day before so we even had cake to celebrate. Around 2pm, everyone started heading out, We all had a wonderful time. Perhaps we’ll do it again next year.


By Juan Barraza

Crawfish Boil Photos

Hope you enjoy a little movie of our tour!