Mini Tour Photos

We had a glorious day of sunshine and mild temperatures for this year’s Bluebonnet Tour. This was a long tour totaling 170 miles of mostly country roads. Planning a mini-tour for our club is like a box of chocolates. You never really know what you’re going to get. For example, we had thirty people and sixteen cars registered on our sign-up sheet. We planned routes and coordinated with the lunch stop using those numbers. Saturday morning the cars and people began to stream into our yard. We ended up with 23 cars and fifty people. What a great turnout, and what a great surprise. Jan was able to contact the Bavarian Inn and arrange for the expanded participation. We had our own section booked in the restaurant. They did a great job handling our crowd. But the lunch stop did put us behind the schedule we had planned for the day. The turnout was reminiscent of participation we typically had in the nineties when our tours would average 40-45 cars. What fun! Thank you for participating and for bringing guests who could possibly become new members.

We saw plenty of wild flowers along the route along with livestock and wild animals. A few people groused about the fragrance surrounding the livestock feed pens we passed. Ha! The bluebonnets were everywhere along the Willow City Loop, even though this year’s display was off from what we have seen in past years. The loop is entirely owned by the residents along the route. It appears as though they are trying to discourage traffic along their road. Fences are being moved to the edge of the road to discourage stopping and it appears they may be mowing the flowers before they can seed. That may account for the less than spectacular color show this year. But the drive was still fun.

Fuel management seemed to be the main problem on this tour. Some participants had booked more than 120 miles before the tour even started since they drove from homes in places like Smithville, Bastrop, Georgetown, Elgin and far north Austin. We are truly grateful for the participation of our members who come from great distances.

Not everyone got the hang of our tour game. But we hope that it encouraged every participant in each car to look around and SEE what our Texas Hill Country has to offer in natural beauty. Once again, this year’s winners in the tour game were Kay Bowen and Juan Barraza.


Hope you enjoy a little movie of our bluebonnet tour!

By Vic Donnell

Bluebonnet Tour 2017