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40th Texas T Party 2017

Kerrville, Tx (Oct 11-14, 2017)


Since this was our only stop on today’s tour, we decided to ride some back roads to do lunch at this awesome restaurant called Alamo Springs Café which is in the same area as the Old Tunnel State Park. The tour itself had wonderful roads and beautiful scenery; once we got back to the hotel, we rested and cleaned up for dinner.

On Friday we started our third tour via Luckenback, Waring and Comfort Texas, this entire trip was 90 miles long. On this trip we had a member of our club break down; we were told it was the transmission. After a 20-mile ride, we stopped to admire Luckenback; mostly everyone had a drink and visited for about an hour. After departing, we made our way to the city of Waring TX, had lunch at the Waring General Store; we also went shopping and even tried to get some ice cream but they were totally out – who runs out of ice cream?? On the way back to the hotel, we decided to split off from the tour and drive our own way through the back roads of Comfort TX; a more peaceful and relaxing drive with hardly any traffic. After we all had a chance to rest, we drove our Model T’s to Kerrville’s local joint called “Cowboy Steakhouse.”

Now for the last day of the T Party, this is the longest and shortest day of the event. We are given a choice of driving an extended run of 110 miles, and if you are not up for that, you could take the short route of 70 miles. Well, we are the type to go for the better route, so we decided to take the long drive, it is always more fun to do the longer routes.

Once we got back from this long and fun trip, we rested and got ready for the banquet. We had a great meal and swapping stories about the tour. Everyone had a wonderful time. Several awards were presented and also the location of the next Model T Party; we will be gathering in the Schulenburg area for the 41st Texas T Party in 2018.

For those of you that do not know of the Texas T Party, it’s an event that happens once a year for a 4 or 5-day weekend, depending on how you want to look at it!!  Members from all over the country come down to Texas and drive their Model T’s through back roads and along the way we have several stops to stretch out and visit some historic areas.  This year we were stationed in Kerrville TX; our host was the Space City T’s of Houston TX. Many thanks to them for such a wonderful tour; without them this would not be possible.

Our first tour was around 70 miles and on this day, we visited the Avery’s Jewelry Store which was of interest for the ladies, the gentlemen were out visiting and looking at the T’s. We then drove to the city of Harper TX to eat a wonderful BBQ lunch by local vender at the Harper Community Park and Pioneer Memorial Museum. This site was first settled by the Matthew Taylor and Eli McDonald families in 1863. A historical marker shows the site of the McDonald massacre of August 1864, in which two members of the McDonald family were killed by the Kiowa Indians, a young mother and four children were captured, and the elderly Aunt Hannah escaped. After lunch we proceeded to Stonehenge II, this is the Texas Hill Country’s version of the Neolithic Britons assembled on Salisbury, England. After this stop, we all went back to the hotel to get some rest before our dinner. Luckily, we only had one member that had to be vultured back to the hotel.

On our second tour, which was about 65 miles, we took the back roads to Fredericksburg TX. On the way there however, we had one member that broke down, luckily the vulture wagon was passing by. Once we got to our destination, we had to form a line to get our pictured taken at the Pioneer Museum. This took some time since we had over 100 Model T’s that they had to photograph.